تيفال قلاية تعمل ملعقة زيت واحده سعة لترية 1 كيلو بقوة 1450 وات ak107

تيفال قلاية تعمل بملعقة زيت واحده سعة لترية 1 كيلو بقوة 1450 وات
مع قلاية تيفال لاشعور بالكالستروال بعد الان
سهلة فى الاستخدام توادى جميع الماكلات الملطلوبة بدون زيت الان انت مع القلاية الذكية من تيفال

ActiFry Snacking, master the art of snacks!

Homemade snacking made easy with the ActiFry Snacking! Based on the ActiFry technology, It only needs one spoon of your favourite oil for 1kg of tasty crispy french fries with less than 3% of fat*. So little oil for tasty and healthy meals! It can cook other ingredients too like meat or fish… It is even great with desserts!

The ActiFry Snacking comes with its own snacking grill, impress all your friends with those crispy prawn crackers. Let the snacking begin!

  • Modern design with a large transparent lid that easily lifts up at the touch of a button.
  • ActiFry technology for a more evenly cooked food.
  • Automatic stop & smart timer for more convenience. Less time in the kitchen, more time for yourself!
  • Non-stick ceramic coating and dishwasher compatible (lid, pan and paddle).
  • Choose ActiFry and join a family of over 6,000,000 gourmets in the world!
*1 kg of fresh french fries, dimension 10x10mm, cooked until -55% loss weight, with 1,4cl of oil 
Only 1 spoon of oil for 1kg of cripy french fries. Enjoy french fries with less than 3% fat
Delicious and crispy snacking meals with little to no oil thanks to the snacking grill (nuggets, kroketten, kebbe, meatballs, etc.)
ActiFry patented technology: hot air flow + automatic stirring paddle
Easy to clean: 100% detachable cooking parts & 100% dishwasher safe

Sea Fritto-Misto with Cocktail Sauce

Difficulty : Easy 
Time : 20min

Wiener Schnitzel

Difficulty : Easy 
Time : 25min

Burgundy Snails with Chervil and Stewed Courgettes

Difficulty : Medium 
Time : 30min

Potatoes, Apples, Hazelnuts and Popcorn

Difficulty : Easy 
Time : 45min
Capacity : 1kg
• Power : 1450 W
• Oil : 1 spoon
• Timer : Digital
• Screen : LCD
• Coating : Ceramic pan
• On/off button : Yes
• Color : Black
• Made in France

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