تيفال شواية بربكيو التراء كومبكت بقوة 1700 وات ak110

تيفال شواية بربكيو التراء كومبكت بقوة 1700 وات
سهولة فى التنظيف واداء متميز فى الشواى

UltraCompact 600 R, the Ultimate Grill

With UltraCompact 600 R, it's grilling made easy! Its 2 cooking positions (grill and barbecue) allow you to cook all types of food to make every meal memorable!  The integrated drip tray makes it easy to drain grease away from food for healthier cooking.  And with its non-stick die-cast aluminium plates, there is no need for you to add fat or oil.  

Cook anything, there is no limit to what you can do!

  • Easy to use, light tells you when to start cooking and use thermostat to adjust temperature.
  • Easy to store, can be stored vertically. It will fit in any kitchen!
  • Easy to clean, removable non-stick plates and juice tray are dishwasher compatible.
  • 1,700W, it delivers great meals quickly.
Barbecue position
Grill position
Vertical storage
Plates and juice tray are dishwasher safe
Power: 1700 watt
- Non-stick coating
- Colour: silver/black
- Grill surface: 600 cm², 19 x 31,5 cm (opened: double grill surface)
- Heat-insulated metal casing (corresponding to new EU safety standards for surface temperature)

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