كارتشر مكنسة متعددة الاستخدامات جاف مبلل 1800 وات سعة 25 لتر تنك استنليس z103

مكنسة كهربائية متعددة الأغراض 
شفط عالي الأداء
توفير للطاقة
وعاء كبير من البلاستيك 25 لتر
فلتر قابل للازالة
وظيفة تنظيف الفلتر

The top-class MV 5 model is a versatile multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, which impresses with a massive suction performance of 1800 watts and a low power consumption of 1100 watts. The vacuum cleaner features an impact-resistant 25-litre plastic container and a flat fold filter in a filter cartridge. The filter can be quickly and conveniently replaced without any contact with dirt by simply folding out this cartridge. The filter also allows you to vacuum dry and wet dirt without changing the filter. Thanks to the integrated filter cleaning function, the dirty filter can be quickly and efficiently cleaned simply by pressing the clean-out button, thus quickly restoring the suction performance. The ideal combination of the newly developed suction hose and the innovative interchangeable floor nozzle with 2 rubber & 2 brush strips ensures optimal dirt intake and first-class suction convenience. It also features a removable handle with protection from static (especially useful when vacuuming fine dust), parking position, blowing function, 3-in-1 adjustable handle, as well as the useful cable and accessory storage on the device

Technical data

Power corresponds to* (W)
Energy consumption (W)
Cord length (m)
Nominal accessory width (mm)
Container capacity/material l
Voltage (V)
Weight (kg)
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)


  • Suction hose, 2.2 m, 35 mm
  • Suction pipes, 2 piece(s), 0.5 m, 35 mm
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Fleece filter bag, 1 piece(s)
  • Blowing function
  • Sturdy bumper
  • Parking position
  • Comfortable 3-in-1 carrying handle
  • Turn switch (On/Off)
  • On-board accessory storage
  • Storage compartment for keeping small parts

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