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تيفال مكواة بقوة 2400 وات
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Ultragliss, Ultra Easy Ironing!

Discover Ultragliss, a powerful steam iron with a  the 360° Ultraglide Durilium Soleplate for ultra easy ironing in all directions. Let off steam to enjoy an easy ironing session!

Easy crease removal: 

  • 360° ultraglide durilium soleplate - outstanding glideability in all directions.
  • Vertical steam:  up to 40g of steam per minute to humidify and soften your fabrics for a smoother ironing.
  • Shot of steam:  up to 130g of steam per minute to remove at once all creases.
Easy to use
  • Power: 2400W for fast heat up.
  • Long lasting and easy maintenance with double anti-calc and anti-self-cleaning systems.
  • Anti-drip preventing any water dripping into the linen.

Wattage (W)2400 W
Adjustable steam0-40 g/min
Steam Boost130 g/min
Vertical steam 
Setting of steam & temperatureManual
Soleplate materialUltragliss - Durilium Technology
Glideability of soleplate*****
Durability of soleplate / scratch resistance*****
Soleplate shape360° for easy ironing in any direction
Power cord length200 cm
Water tank capacity300 ml
Extra large water filling hole 
Anti-calc functionsCalc/scale clean, integrated anti calc/scale
Eco Mode 

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