براون مكواة شعر ساتين هير 3 بالألواح العريضةg114

براون مكواة شعر ساتين هير 3
الألواح السيراميكية العريضة
فعالة مهما كان شعرك مجعداً ستقوم بفرده بسرعة خلال 60 ثانية فقط و بسهولة
عناية خاصة بالشعر عن طريق تحديد درجة الحرارة المناسبة لكي الشعر
بين 135-185 درجة مئوية

كابل 2 متر

Efficient straightening

Straight, sleek hairs are always fashionable, stylish, and they're quick and easy to style. Braun's Satin-Hair 3 straightener ST 310 will give you the smoothest, sleekest look with maximum hair protection. Simply place & pull for perfect efficient results.

Wide plates

The extra wide plates of the Braun Satin-Hair 3 straightener ST 310 are specially designed for efficient straightening of medium to long hair in one stroke.

Maximum hair protection

Temperature regulation

Braun Satin-Hair 3 straightener ST 310 has a mechanical temperature regulation to ensure damage free straightening. You can adapt the temperature in 13 steps between 135 –185°C according to your individual needs.

Indestructible eloxal ceramic plates

Unlike conventional ceramic plates, where ceramic is “painted on” as a thin layer on top of the plate, Braun actually creates indestructible, true ceramic from within the plate. This 100% true ceramic plates provide friction free gliding and are resistant to styling product residues.

Patented floating plates

Braun's Satin-Hair 3 straightener ST 310 has patented floating plates that ensure ease of gliding with less tension peaks thus providing less friction and stress to the hair with no damage to the cuticula.

Temperature regulation

For healthy styling from 135°C to 185°C

100% true ceramic plates

For smooth gliding

Patented floating plates

Distribute the pressure evenly to prevent hair damage

Wide plates

37 mm

Heat control

Developed according to scientific advice of independent German Fibre Research Institute DWI – to actively protect the hair health

Temperature range


Heat up time

60 sec.

Cable 2m


Temperature steps

13 (mechanic)

Cool touch




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