سامسونج ميكرووف 34 لتر بقوة 1000 وات af110

سامسونج ميكرووف 34 لتر 
بقوة 1000 وات
جهاز استشعار للماكولات

SAMSUNG's sensor cook microwaves all feature in-built sensor technology to make cooking and reheating a breeze. With an easy to read control panel, high cooking power output along with an easy to clean interior SAMSUNG provides versatility for your kitchen.

Triple Distributions System (TDS)

Efficient emission of microwaves translates into better cooked food. TDS is a new technology from SAMSUNG aimed at cooking food more evenly. 

SAMSUNG has developed a unique wave transmission system that evenly distributes the microwaves throughout the oven. Models with this new wave distribution system will bring all the benefits of more even cooking to a customer unhappy with the performance of their old microwave oven.

sensor technology

The humidity sensor, located inside the microwave oven, allows for automated cooking to ensure the optimum mode for whatever dish you are preparing or warming up. This sensor detects the degree of humidity present within the microwave, adjusting the overall cooking time to perfect the dish. No time, weight, or quantity information needs to be entered prior to cooking. Therefore, no guesswork is needed to get perfect results. 

SAMSUNG microwave ovens, with its high-tech humidity sensor, help you prepare meals with flawless convenience.

2 Stage cooking

The ME6124ST allows you to set up to two different stages of cooking, each with its own time length and power level. Control the heating intensity from Warm (1) to High (0) with ten variable power levels. 2 Stage cooking gives you the flexibility and precision to ensure any foods cooked in your microwave will be delicious.

other features

• 1,000 watt power output 
• Ceramic enamel interior 
• Sensor cook 
  o Popcorn 
  o Potato 
  o Fresh vegetables 
  o Single entrees 
• 10 power levels 
• 2 Stage cooking 
• One touch cook menu 
  o Pizza reheat 
  o Beverage 
• One minute plus 
• Auto defrost x 5 
• Auto reheat x5 
• Auto cook menu 
  o Rice / pasta 
  o Snack bar 
  o Meat / fish 
• Clock / timer 
• Child safety lock

ceramic enamel interior

Our ceramic enamel interior is highly scratch resistant ensuring a smooth durable non stick interior for effortless cleaning. 

Stain Resistant 
Unlike stainless steel or painted cavities, Ceramic Enamel hardly discolours over time. 

Faster & More Delicate Defrosting 
Thanks to the low temperature conductivity of the Ceramic Enamel, food is defrosted faster and more delicately. 

Easy Cleaning 
Extremely Smooth Ceramic Enamel Interior allows grease and oil to be easily cleaned off the interior walls. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth after use is all you need. This also prevents surface discolouration, even after long use. 

High Scratch Resistance 
Ceramic Enamel's durability & protective qualities make it far more scratch resistant than other microwave interiors. When scratched with equal force, the roughness of the ceramic enamel surface increases only 7.5% compared to 106% for the stainless steel.

auto defrost

SAMSUNG's auto defrost function is designed to thaw your food in half the time of using the conventional microwave setting. 

Simply set the weight food and choose one of the five auto defrost settings, each catering for meat, bread, poultry and fish and seafood. The microwave will automatically set the defrosting time, power level and standing time. Quickly and safely defrost your foods to fresh.

one minute plus

In a rush? The one minute plus button offers a convenient and quick way to heat food in one minute increments on the high power level.

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