ال جى ميكرووف بسعة لترية كبيرة 56 لتر m123

ال جى ميكرووف بسعة لترية كبيرة 56 لتر
بنظام اى ويف المميز
تاتش كنترول
متعدد البرامج 

Microwave Evenness System

i-wave transformed from Optimal microwave emerges from specially designed slots. Diffused Reflex for better cooking performance.

Convenient Reheating

i-sensor will automatically adjust cooking time and power level. If reheating is needed, simply touch the sensor reheating button.

Energy Saving

Eco On

Stand-by power saving by simply pressing Display-off button

Effortless Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

Convenient cleaning performance (low surface energy and dense structure)

Varied Menu

 Input : 230V -50Hz
RF Output: 2450 MHz, 1000 W
Microwave : 1400W
Max: 1400W

Global Menu

Many preferred regional dishes are pre-programmed by cooking specialists

  • Auto Defrost
  • Control
  • Door
  • Capacity (Liters)
  • Auto Cook
  • Cavity
  • Out Power(Watts)
  • Color
  • 4
  • Key pad
  • Push Release
  • 56
  • 4
  • Round
  • 1000
  • White

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