هيوماكس ريسيفر ديجيتال اتش دي مينىi103

دقة صورة عالية هاي ديفنشن
مخرج HDMI
قائمة قنوات تلفزيون و راديو
الوصول إلى جميع القنوات الفضائية المجانية
مستقبل لجميع القنوات اس دي و اتش دي

  • HDTV

    It's an HD world out there.
    High definition (HD) is definitely easier on the eyes. As compared to standard definition, HD gives you more vivid detail, finer gradations, truer colours, and more precise contrasts and contours.

    View an entire week of TV programme schedule in detail.
    Electronic Program Guide (EPG) gives you all the details of radio and TV programmes for the next sevens days right on your screen. (Content will depend on each programme provider)
  • HDMI output 

    Enjoy high-definition video and audio as they were meant to be.
    Just connect the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable to any HD source and enjoy the optimized pictures and sounds each and every time.

    TV/Radio channel list
    Receive all free digital satellite TV and radio channels.

    Access to all Free-to-air Channels


    Receive HD and SD satellite channels.


    HUMAX Auto Search
    Don't worry about your satellite connection. The receiver detects satellites automatically and searches faster using the HUMAX engine.

    You can easily update your receiver. New versions can be updated through automatic software upgrade service (OTA) via satellite.

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